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This is the most common thermostat in use today. Found in just about every spa control and underskirt mount spa heater system, it will replace almost all equally rated thermostat switches with two terminals. Available in a variety of sensor lengths.

Eaton Mears
Eaton Mears
Item# THxxxxx
Regular price: $42.50
Sale price: $42.50

Product Description

Eaton Mears
Features: A = Capillary Length B = Bulb Length

C = Bulb Width

* (vinyl sleeve on capillary)

+ (SPDT Ramco replacement)

Spa thermostats. 80 to 104 degree calibrated, 120 VOLT, 25 AMP, single-pole single-throw (SPST) design. Flat spade connection tabs. These are generic and fit ALL. Mounting holes are standard throughout all spa brands. Split-shaft slides up into all knobs. Sold by lead length and bulb (end) thickness. Use only in dry-well locations.

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